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Wednesday, February 14th 2007

PAC 10 Coaches React

So rumors of Carroll to the Chargers, went up after Marty was hacked off at the knees a few days ago. These rumors are nothing new.

Despite Carroll not helping the situation, the rumors have died down as quickly as they started. That has done wonders for my nerves. The Chargers seem to be heading in a different direction and they’re moving very swiftly towards hiring a new coach (you could learn something Wayne) and are being very transparent.

Don’t Let Grossman Bring Your Career Down!
Grab The Chargers Job And Don’t Let Go

Still, the rumors make for good humor. Orson and EDSBS have a hilarious story up about the positive reactions of the other PAC 10 coaches towards the rumors of Pete Carroll leaving.

Go read it. Now.