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Wednesday, February 7th 2007

Respiratory Distress For UK Vet

Even an anti-Chicken Little like myself would admit this would be a huge development. A UK Vet who helped identify H5N1 on a turkey farm in Britain, has been hospitalized with respiratory symptoms.

The news has triggered alarm that the H5N1 virus could be far more harmful and contagious than the Government and its experts have been saying.

To date, ministers and the Health Protection Agency have dismissed any threat to human health associated with the outbreak as ‘negligible’.

However, it emerged last night that a senior government vet, who was involved in diagnosing the virus at the turkey farm run by Bernard Matthews, is unwell.

It is understood that the vet is being treated and monitored at a Nottingham hospital as a precautionary measure for what is described as a ‘mild respiratory illness’.

Do not panic says the government (a surprise).

An HPA spokesman said: ‘We have someone who has mild respiratory problems – a worker. As a precaution we are testing for H5N1.

‘It is highly unlikely the worker has been exposed to H5N1 because of the strict precautionary measures followed. The individual had not been pre-exposed and was wearing full protective clothing.’