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Friday, February 23rd 2007

Scottie Pippen To Spurs?

It was bad enough that the Spurs apparently didn’t even pursue my proposed (unrealistic, conceded) four-team trade for Pau Gasol, which The Sports Guy rightly bemoans,

Let’s just change the name of the NBA to the “No Balls Association.” In a league in which nearly every team is flawed in some way…in which every elite team (Phoenix, Dallas and San Antonio) had spare assets to swing a deal and separate themselves from its competitors…nobody had the testicular fortitude to swing a major deal before Thursday’s trade deadline.

But they’re now considering signing Scottie Pippen. What?!?!?!?!

“Skills” In The Day But He’s Forty-One…

From the article,

The Spurs also haven’t ruled out trying to sign 41-year-old forward Scottie Pippen, who announced last week he wanted to come out of retirement to join a championship contender. While team officials said only they will do their “due diligence” with Pippen, they likely won’t seriously consider signing the former Chicago Bulls standout without first seeing him work out.

The Spurs also would have to waive a player to make room for Pippen or any other free agent they might want to add.

“If there is a way we think we can improve the team,” Buford said, “we’ll continue to explore it.”

Pippen is facing some financial pressures to come out of retirement, but before reading this article the most common rumor I had heard that if he came out it would probably be to reunite with the Zen Master in Los Angeles.

With the oldest team in the league let us hope the Spurs don’t pull the trigger on this move.