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Wednesday, February 7th 2007

Signing Day

Today is national Signing Day in college football. The past few years it has always been a big day for USC…obviously. But even though USC will not finish with the #1 recruiting class this year (they might climb to #2), it has been a monster year.

After the Rose Bowl Pete Carroll called this recruiting class his best ever. Then we lost James Wilson (ouch), then we lost Donovan Warren (ouch), and some fans who follow the process got a little down. But everything works out…I suppose we should’ve known this at the time.

Today, by some people’s minds, the nation’s best high school player – Joe McKnight – shocked many by choosing USC over home state LSU. This class now has the #1 and #2 running backs in the nation, by almost anyone’s rankings, with Marc Tyler coming as well.

Now, of the major “recruiting networks” – Rivals and Scout – I’m a Rivals subscriber. But according to Scout (who does the recruiting coverage for ESPN) USC has the Top 3 recruits in the nation.

You read that right. The top three players in the country per ESPN/Scout are ALL coming to USC.

#1 – RB Joe McKnight

#2 – LB Chris Galippo

#3 – RB Marc Tyler


Watch Joe McKnight Break LSU’s Heart

H/T Conquest Chronicles for the video