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Wednesday, February 28th 2007

Wrong Again American Intelligence

Castro’s health has been “failing” for some time and I just completely trusted American intelligence reports that he was basically already in his grave. However, a call in to his friend – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s – radio show yesterday shows that apparently is not the case.

“You don’t know how happy we are to hear your voice and know that you’re well,” Chavez said with obvious surprise at the unexpected call.

The two leaders, who are close friends and allies, spoke for almost 30 minutes.

Cuba’s communist government has kept Castro’s condition and exact ailment secret, and Chavez acknowledged that he has become an “emissary” for news of his health.

On January 30, Havana’s government released a new video of Castro looking stronger than in previous images as he met with Chavez, which quelled growing speculation that he was gravely ill.

“If I Was Building A Weapon of Mass Destruction You Wouldn’t Be Able To Find It”