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Sunday, March 25th 2007

British Marines In Iraqi Waters

I Seen It With Me Two Glass Eyes, Arrrr
(I Don’t Know Why He Talks Like A Pirate But He Does)

Stunning. Eyewitness report says British were searching ship anchored in Iraqi, not Iranian, waters (h/t Drudge).

An Iraqi fisherman who said he saw Iranian forces detain British sailors and marines on Friday in a waterway between Iraq and Iran said yesterday the ship British forces were searching was anchored in Iraqi waters.

The fisherman, the same one who said he witnessed the sailors being detained several hours before it was confirmed by the British government, said the line between Iranian and Iraqi waters was not marked by buoys but was well known.

“We’ve been working in this job for many years and because of our experience we can distinguish which is the Iraqi and which is Iranian side,” he said, adding that Iraqi boats never venture across because of tight security by Iranian coastguards.

Certainly if he was giving the story of the British Marines detainment to news services, before the official confirmation, he has some credibility.

Let us hope Iran comes to their senses or feels they’ve achieved whatever sort of bizarre propaganda they were hoping for, and releases the British sailors.