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Tuesday, March 20th 2007

CHIPS (Ahoy)

Texas has some of the worst CHIP enrollment figures in the country. Which probably is a major contributor to why we have the worst uninsured figures in the country.

Children don’t vote though, which probably explains why typos can tie up actually giving them health coverage. A “technical error” is delaying the CHIP renewal/expansion in the Texas House.

[The] proposal would let parents re-enroll in the Children’s Health Insurance Program every year instead of every six months. The proposal also would eliminate the 90-day waiting period unless the child had recently been covered in another insurance plan.

The House Human Services Committee approved the bill early this month and the full chamber was scheduled to debate the proposal on Monday. Instead it was sent back to the committee because a word had been dropped from an analysis explaining what the proposal would do.

Burnt Orange Report goes off on Speaker Tom Craddick for allowing the typo (in the summary of the bill) to drag the bill down.