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Wednesday, March 7th 2007


I think this is terribly offensive and sad. A three year investigation finally leads to indictments in a cadaver trafficking ring out of the UCLA School of Medicine.

Henry Reid, 57, an embalmer who was director of the willed-body program from 1997 to 2004, was charged with conspiracy and grand theft for allegedly funneling donated bodies to a middleman, who then sold them to others for profit.

The middleman, Ernest Nelson, 49, was charged with conspiracy, grand theft and tax evasion. He has acknowledged cutting up about 800 cadavers and selling them to large medical research companies, including Johnson & Johnson; Nelson says the school authorized the sales, but UCLA officials say he was acting on his own.

This is a more complicated situation than it looks on its surface. This is the second time Reid has been arrested over this incident and there is an ongoing lawsuit by the families of some of those who willed there bodies against the university.

Here’s the UCLA dean talking about the incident back in 2004. It is in a school publication, so take it for what it is worth.