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Friday, March 2nd 2007

I Fire You, Then I'm Fired

The Secretary of the Army has been fired, after just relieving the commander of Walter Reed. If we follow this to its logical conclusion, with each previously terminated person’s immediate boss getting fired, then:

Secretary Gates Gets Fired —> President Bush Gets Fired —> Dick Cheney Inherits The Country.

I Always Thought Gerald Ford Needed A Mean Streak

In anycase, Wonkette is all over this,

The secretary of the Army got tossed out just now, for losing the war in Iraq not keeping the hospital clean enough, because that’s apparently what the secretary of the Army is supposed to do for this administration.

Time Magazine takes up the same call as Wonkette but on a serious note,

The string of firings is raising questions about just who is being held accountable as the nation prepares to enter its fifth year of the war in Iraq. Harvey is gone, and the career of the Walter Reed commander he fired Thursday, Major General George Weightman, is all but over. The temporary Walter Reed boss, Lieutenant General Kevin Kiley is likely to meet the same fate. Yet, as the war the Bush administration predicted would be a “cakewalk” before it began has bogged down, not a single civilian boss or top military commander has taken a similar fall.

The contrast seems stark. Tommy Franks, the Army general who as chief of Central Command scuttled Anthony Zinni’s more robust war plan and agreed with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that invasion-lite was the way to go, got the Presidential Medal of Freedom. So did former CIA chief George (“Slam Dunk”) Tenet and L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer, who as Iraqi viceroy fired the entire Iraqi army, a move now widely seen as laying the groundwork for a sustained insurgency.