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Saturday, March 10th 2007

Legless Trojans Lose

USC Spanked By Oregon In PAC 10 Title Game

A nearly 30 point loss: 81 – 57. The Trojans simply looked wasted. Three games in three days. Lots of shots left short. Although the Ducks had the same, which makes you wonder about the Trojan’s conditioning program. That wasn’t all it, some Oregon players just went off.

The real question is what a spanking like this will cost USC in terms of their position in the NCAA tourney. I think they’ll be a #6 or #7 seed tomorrow. Might have been as high as #3 or #4 if they had managed to win the PAC 10 tourney.

Today is the last day to sign up to watch almost all the NCAA early round games for free online. A very cool offer. Go get it.

At least we got the Spurs to watch tonight.