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Sunday, March 11th 2007

NCAA Basketball Tourney

Yowzer, an interesting draw in the NCAA tourney. USC gets a #5 seed, which is impressive. It would’ve been better to fall to #6 and have faced Washington St. in the second game and been up against Georgetown in that half of the bracket.

The really interesting bit is that the #4 seed in the eastern bracket is Texas.

That means if USC and Texas both win their first game they’ll face each other in their second game.

The eastern bracket has North Carolina and Georgetown as number 1 and number 2 respectively. It probably is the strongest bracket. Which is painful for USC.

The South bracket, which is played in San Antonio, is a snooze. It has Ohio State and Memphis and Stanford and Tennessee and Creighton and…yawn. You get the picture. I guess I won’t be buying any regional semifinals or finals tickets off scalpers here.

Early, Early Prediction

Sweet Sixteen
Midwest: Florida v. Maryland — Oregon v. Wisconsin
West: Kansas v. Illinois — Pitt v. UCLA
East: North Carolina v. Texas — George Washington v. Georgetown
South: Xavier v. Virginia — Texas A&M v. Memphis

Elite Eight
Midwest:Maryland v. Wisconsin
West: Kansas v. Pitt
East: Texas v. Georgetown
South: Virginia v. Texas A&M

Final Four
Maryland v. Kansas — Georgetown v. Texas A&M

National Championship
Kansas v. Georgetown

National Champion