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Wednesday, March 7th 2007

Penetrating Abdominal Wound Claims Another Victim

They Don’t Seem To Be Getting Help For Him

Captain America is dead. And Marvel insists it isn’t merely a plot twist where he pops back up alive a few issues later.

The idea with a major penetrating abdominal injury, as suffered by Captain America, is to stop the bleeding.

Which is kind’ve a no duh moment. Here’s a review of the history of abdominal trauma surgery in Surgical Clinics of North America (subscription).

As this little UVA Health System flow chart points out: the “safest place for patient with abdominal gunshot is in the OR”.

If Captain America had made it to the hospital without expiring, the laparotomy probably would’ve tried to stem the bleeding – the major cause of morality – and then closed him up without correction of most of the organ damage. They would’ve taken him back to the OR later to start repairing such, when he was better able to cope with the stress.

Captain America was so iconic. Sure Batman, and more recent comics may have been more popular, but Superman and Captain America were American. Like apple pie.

Captain America’s Last Public Appearance (via Wonkette)

Captain America was assassinated as part of the Civil War storyline put on by Marvel Comics. The storyline centers around a bill to force superheros to register with the government. Some superheros, led by Captain America, resist with open conflict.

It is notable that the Captain America comic book series will continue. So maybe they’re just pulling a “Ghost Rider”/”Green Lantern” kind’ve thing where a new person will take over the Captain America persona. Not that I read comic books anymore.

For more on penetrating abdominal trauma visit eMedicine.