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Thursday, March 29th 2007

Scandal, No Show Contracts, New Jersey?

The only surprise here is the fact it involves a health science university.

A Symbol Of Pride?

The University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey system has had some problems of late. We should note that the system, along with other health science schools, is comprised of two allopathic medical schools and an osteopathic medical school.

First, the system had criminal charges leveled for double billing Medicare for certain services between 2001 and 2004. As part of a deal with the Justice Department they got a Federal Monitor to watch over their doings. Yikes.

Of course, it doesn’t get much better. The Federal Monitor gets there and lo and behold he finds creepy things still going on. A Senior Dean at the school of Osteopathic Medicine is found to be trying to steer catering contracts to friends and filling for reimbursement he isn’t entitled to. Just generally unethical stuff.

How could it end there however? Now the biggest scandal has “broken,” although if I remember correctly Health Care Renewal has been ranting on the going ons at UMDNJ for some time (I’m sure a search through their archives will turn up more than enough juicy details). In anycase, the “breaking” story involves a powerful State Senator who had a no show position at UMDNJ in order to boost his entitled state pension when he retired. In return for that, and probably other kickbacks, he steered appropriations to the university.

Now he and the former Dean of School of Osteopathic Medicine have been indicted.

The indictment said [State Senator] Bryant had received “a stream of corrupt payments and other financial benefits” from the school in return for his “using his position as a state senator to take official action” to benefit it.

Mr. Bryant has been the subject of investigation for more than a year after a federal monitor of the university found that Mr. Bryant held a no-show job at the university to increase his pension while steering millions of dollar to it.

In January, he applied for an $83,000-a-year pension from the state.



Oh yeah. Health Care Renewal is all over this. Their front, most recent, post has a bunch of backlinks. However, for a sampling here’s a post on when the Senator Bryant – UMDNJ story broke and here is a relatively early post on the no bid contract scandals.

Health Care Renewal is clearly the best resource on the web for this story.