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Thursday, March 29th 2007

Spurs #2 Franchise In All Of Sports

The Spurs Are A Great Franchise

In ESPN’s annual all-sports franchise rankings (it ranks every team in the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB) the Spurs are #2. What is more stunning is that as long as they’ve been doing this the Spurs have never been lower than #3.

This is a small market town with a team with great ownership. In some ways this explains the franchise’s devotion to its fans and vice-versa. That goes into consideration in the rankings.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that the Spurs had one of the ‘luckiest’ draft moments of all time. A fine, perennial playoff (but not championship caliber) team, loses its superstar (David Robinson) for the entire year and gets the first draft pick in a year with the most perfect player for the Spurs (in terms of talent and his demeanor and his team first attitude) to probably ever come into the NBA is available.

Okay, beyond that ‘luck,’ let us give this organization some credit. They snapped up All Stars like Tony Parker (last pick of the first round) and Manu Ginobili (second round!). They’ve built a fine group of scouts and this little town in the middle of Texas was one of the franchises which led the way to the European invasion of the NBA.

With that said Go Spurs Go!