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Monday, March 19th 2007

The Doubter In Me

You have to wonder what the outcome would’ve been if inVinceable was playing basketball for the University of Texas. He isn’t…he’s throwing picks for the Tennessee Titans, and Kevin Durant can’t do it alone which is why USC beat dominated Texas in the second round of the NCAA tourney 87 – 68.

As in many years my NCAA tourney bracket is now a mess, since I couldn’t even bring myself to pick my Trojans to beat Texas.

You can watch highlights of the game here.

See Gabe Score. Score, Gabe, Score.

Conquest Chronicles has nice coverage and ESPN both picks up on the great story of Taj Gibson and commentary on the game.

I think we can all say with some objectivity that both Arkansas and Texas looked like limping teams (although I did pick Texas to win). Think back to the Big 12 tournament against lowly Baylor or Texas’ first round game. Clear signs of a team that could flop in games. The Trojan’s first round opponent, Arkansas, as has been pointed out by virtually every pundit, was the last team into the tourney probably. They looked like it.

That being said, these weren’t merely victories. They’re great games. USC is playing like a team and playing well. Beating North Carolina and their six McDonald’s All-Americans is going to be damn hard. I can’t say, if I wasn’t a USC fan, that I could even call betting against the line a quality wager. But after these first two rounds would be only mild surprise, and no shock, if USC did pull off the upset.

Fight On! Beat The Tar Heels!