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Sunday, March 25th 2007

The Greatest College Basketball Game Of All Time

People get caught up in exclaiming and trumpeting great games in their immediate aftermath. But I’ll say it, this is certainly the most incredible college basketball game I’ve ever seen, and imagine I’m ever likely to. As I briefly touched on after Boise State’s incredible win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Orange Bowl there are things other than the on the court (or field) performance which define a great game. Those include the underdog factor and what is at stake.

Well, this game earlier today had everything. It was for the Division-II NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. It featured a team no one though would be there. Barton College has less than a thousand students! It had shimied through nine overtimes games this season (including two in the D2 tournemant). It was playing a juggernaut who was on a fifty-seven game win streak. And what happened in the final 45 seconds of the game is just amazing,

Thanks To The Irish Trojan For The Video Link

I understand the size of the fan base for Division-II basketball. You can’t even count me amongst them. But it is a shame that just hours after this absolutely amazing, stunning, dumbfounding, incredible, miraculous game the recap of it isn’t even on CNNSI’s or ESPN’s front page.

Fight on Atkinson and Barton College. That was amazing.