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Friday, March 23rd 2007

USC Collapses. Ouch.

Why Do I Feel Like Kicking You In The Shin Right Now?

This loss belongs to the refs.

There were so many ways USC got outplayed. I don’t care though. This was a crappily called game, which while not overtly anti-USC hurt USC (without the bench depth) more than North Carolina. I want to hear NONE of the bullshit that “life isn’t fair” or that “refs don’t decide games.” The fact is the absolute foundation of any constructed competition is to make it as fair as possible. THAT MUST BE THE FIRST AND FOREMOST GOAL OF ANY COMPETITION. The crew working the USC – North Carolina game failed miserably. They didn’t even appear to have such a goal in mind when blowing their whistles.

Moving away from that observation let’s talk about how USC failed. Tim Floyd’s technical was moronic. Beyond that, the North Carolina depth got to us. The North Carolina size got to us. We were pooped and out of energy midway through the second half. With a seven or eight man bench North Carolina wasn’t. I was wrong that Hansbrough would be the key to this game. We looked great on him. We looked great on defense. In the first half we looked great on offense off the dribble.

However, throughout the game we turned the ball over too often (which has been the problem all year) and more importantly North Carolina’s ‘size’ (and they’re not a BIG team) got to us. They got WAY too many second chance points. We somehow slowed down their transition game, took Hansbrough out of it, out athleticized (no, that isn’t a word) them for two-thirds of the game but gave them enough opportunities (with offensive rebounds and wasted possessions through turnovers) to lose the game.

Even with that, if the refs had put their whistles away this game would’ve been USC’s.

I find no value in the “effort” of the referees. I find no value in refs merely being human. Why should consumers stand for gross negligence in any entertainment industry? Even a singular occasion? I absolutely positively, sincerely think that this game should be the end of the career of these refs. I wouldn’t buy a Frostee served by any of these referees.

The more talented team (as a unit) lost tonight. Isn’t that the search of every game? For the more talented team on any given night? Well that search failed. That failure is the utmost insult to the game of college basketball. That failure tonight was on the shoulders of these refs.

It could be worse though. We could be Vandy after that ridiculous missed traveling call on Georgetown’s game winning shot. What is it with East Rutherford and referees?