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Tuesday, April 10th 2007

Dr. Dork Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is up at Dr. Dork, riddled with humorous pictures. And by that I mean…four. You should defintley check it up.

My favorite post this week is from Fat Doctor as she discusses pressure to put her kid on an antibiotic for otitis media. She eventually comes to the difficult decision not to use them, because as we all know the overuse of antibiotics is not benign.

My favorite line though is at the end, when fearful her son won’t be allowed back in school while sick if not on meds:

Meanwhile, if asked, I’ll tell the Russian Nazi (her son’s school teacher, I think) that he’s being treated. I just won’t mention that our chosen treatment is tincture of time.


She’s also hosting Grand Rounds next week! You can submit posts to her here.