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Monday, April 16th 2007

Ejection Round Up

Support around the sports blogosphere for Timmy is nearly universal.

Over on ESPN Insider Chris Sheridan says he has inside information about Crawford’s relationship with the front office which leads him to believe,

It would not surprise me if Crawford loses his whistle for the upcoming postseason.

Which is exactly what I’ve called for.

Over on AOL Fanhouse: Spurs they’re taking offense with what Crawford did. The Postmen question what the hell Joey was thinking.

Was he really trying to fight Tim Duncan? No offense, guy, but that’s a losing proposition. I know Tim seems docile and everything, but he would work you. He was laughing at you; that’s how bad he would work you.

The two best post titles go to YAY Sports! whose opinions on the issue begin with the headline “Tim Duncan will punch you in the mouth” and Sports Frog who titles his post with the age old truth “Joey Crawford Remains an Insufferable Prick.”

The Spurs blog Pounding the Rock is the most upset of all (probably even more than my post).

Joey Crawford is a petulant, bald-headed prick.

[S]top acting out and ruining things for the rest of us, ok? It’s not going to make us value your existence any more.

They go on to imagine him as a male body part. It’s all quite humorous.

For all of the fans’ opinions we’re just waiting for the league to speak. To see how hard they come down on Duncan and how public (or not so public) their chastising of Crawford is.

Frivolous doesn’t begin to describe a concern with how the NBA will handle Tim’s wrongful ejection. Not today.

But for an update of the situation: local channel WOAI apparently is reporting Duncan will not face suspension but likely a fine, and they seem to think, from their league source’s innuendo, that Crawford will face some swift punishment.

WOAI & SpursZone Have A Podcast On The Issue

As well, as I predicted (I bet this took a crystal ball),

Around the Horn will have Cowlishal shouting how Tim deserved to be ejected. Something to look forward to.

Tim Cowlishal called the Spurs the whiniest team in the league on Around the Horn. It is kind’ve analogous to say, Kevin Pinkney, criticizing Tim Duncan. It’s probably smarter for Cowlishal to hold his tongue until his Maverick’s are actually at the Spurs’ level which means, unequivocally, winning a championship (or 2 or 3).

The Dallas Morning News’ Mavericks blog falls squarely on Duncan’s side in this issue, and even (kind’ve) defends the “whiner” label put on Duncan by those (few) who are trying to blame Duncan for the ejection.

Mark “Being In The Right Place, Right Time Is An Artform” Cuban won’t comment on the issue on his blog. Which is actually, and it pains me to say this, smart. He has no reason, obviously, to get tied up in this. But, The Dallas Morning News’ blog drags up Mark’s response to Nellie’s ejection by Crawford in 2003; so we can get a sense for Cuban’s feelings towards the ol’ demented bald one.

True Hoop, now over on ESPN, has basically a summary/round-up post on Duncan’s ejection.

On ESPN Stephen A. Smith is leaning towards some sympathy for Duncan, but refuses to label the incidence a dumbass mistake by Crawford. And apaprently won’t put any blame, doesn’t think there should be any consequences, unless the league can prove Crawford challenged Duncan to a fight. Which is kind’ve a disturbing position. You can watch the video of Smith’s commentary.