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Wednesday, April 25th 2007

First In, First Out

Texas was the first state to mandate the HPV vaccine for middle school girls, and it will be the first state to reneg on that. A bill undoing Governor Perry’s executive order is headed to the Governor to sign (or not), having passed with veto proof margins.

The Chronicle’s Texas Politics blog thinks the only sensible thing Perry can do is:

Perry has not said what he will do with House Bill 1098. Will he veto it, setting up what appears to be an inevitable showdown with the House and Senate?


Your blog wouldn’t be surprised to see him let the measure become law without his signature, especially now that the Senate softened it with a “sunset” provision in 2011.

Not that the massive margin by which the mandate is being overturned is a surprise. It has been expected. It was interesting living in a “progressive” state for a little while.