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Monday, April 23rd 2007

Functional Disorders Cause Crimes

“How To Break The Shoplifting Habit”
a.k.a. How To Get IBS Under Control

A Florida woman last week blamed her shoplifting on her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Apparently the check out line was moving slowly, her IBS was acting up, and she had to get out of there…without simply dropping what she intended to buy.

Gallo reportedly told authorities that she could not wait in line because she has irritable bowel syndrome, according to the newspaper.

Gallo was charged with petit larceny and released Sunday from the Lee County jail on $500 bond.

You can’t get outraged at people for working towards their self itnerests. But you do have to love the decline in personal responsibility that this country has witnessed over the past several decades. From expansion of affirmative defenses to the increase in lawsuits, it really is depressing.

H/T Kevin, MD