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Monday, April 23rd 2007

HRT & Breast Cancer: The Link Is Growing

After the WHI study found all sorts of risks (higher cancer rates, CV events, etc.) tied to hormone replacement therapy for post menopausal women, the number of women undergoing HRT dropped. Now there is more circumstantial evidence that HRT is indeed associated with an increased risk of breast cancer,

“We can’t prove” that decreases in hormone therapy caused the decline in breast cancer, “but it is such a substantial reduction that you would need something big to have occurred to explain it,” said coauthor Dr. Rowan T. Chlebowski of the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. “If it is not hormone replacement therapy, we still need to explain it.”

Independently, in an online paper in the journal Lancet, British researchers linked hormone replacement therapy to a 20% increase in the risk of ovarian cancer. They calculated that there were an additional 1,300 cases of ovarian cancer and 1,000 deaths in the United Kingdom between 1991 and 2005 resulting from the treatment.

The analysis is available for free on the New England Journal of Medicine’s website.