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Saturday, April 14th 2007

One Down For The Bush Family

I Hate Yahoo!

Reggie Bush has settled with Michael Michaels. Here’s Yahoo! Sports take on the settlement,

Michaels and Lake have been key figures in the NCAA’s investigation into Bush, whose family lived rent-free for almost a year in a $757,237, 3,002 square-foot Spring Valley, Calif., house Michaels said he purchased for the family in April of 2005. Michaels’ former attorney, Brian Watkins, said the house and other benefits were given to Bush as part of an agreement the USC star and his family had to work with New Era when Bush went to the NFL. Bush ultimately signed with contract agent Joel Segal and marketing rep Mike Ornstein. Ornstein is also alleged to have given Bush and his family benefits while he was at USC.

I guess they feel they’ve proven such allegations to themselves.

Contrast the Yahoo! piece with the San Diego Tribune’s piece which carefully, repeatedly (and appropriately) uses the word “alleged.” Even the ESPN piece, based off the Yahoo! and San Diego Tribune reports, uses phrases clearly less antagonistic than the Yahoo! piece. There’s no doubt of bias, I guess you just have to ask yourself if such is important.

Yahoo! Sports is an important property for Yahoo! They’re really looking for ways to close ground on ESPN, CNNSI, and even Fox Sports. For instance, they’re looking to overpay to purchase the popular recruiting news service and college sports community website Rivals.com, in an attempt to increase their college sports content and coverage.

That campaign to increase their credentials is at least in part behind the fact they’ve made the Bush case the centerpiece of their growing sports news service.

*sigh* Because of Yahoo’s campaign I simply want this issue to go away. My bias is out there. I don’t care if the truth ever comes out.

I don’t care if he did it…as long as it is never proven, as long as there are no consequences.

The Michaels settlement is a step in that direction. As Yahoo! reports,

According to two sources, Michaels’ settlement includes a confidentiality clause which will keep Michaels from talking with the NCAA.

If the Bush family can settle with Lake, we might be one step closer to putting this beyond us. And per Lake’s lawyer that might be a possibility,

Watkins said he had not discussed a possible settlement with Cornwell “anytime recently.” He left open the possibility of a settlement.

“We’re reasonable people” Watkins said. “We’ll listen to whatever someone has to say.”