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Thursday, April 12th 2007

Run From The Vioxx Hills!

I haven’t posted on the Vioxx cases, which I’ve given so much attention to, in a while.

Merck has done an appluadable job refusing to take all the Vioxx suits to class action, fighting attempts in the court system to make them do that.

Point of Law has linked to yet another Vioxx case which has been dismissed by the plantiff with prejudice (meaning he cannot refile).

There’s the optimistic hope that many of these cases were filed in the hope that Vioxx would go class action, and the defendants would get paid off without huge legal proceedings or expenses. But as the time drags on and Merck continues to win cases it is becoming clear to a number of these baloney trail lawyers that it isn’t worth it sticking around.

But back from February, in a post I’ve linked to before (we all know basically all my knowledge of the Vioxx case comes from links Point of Law has posted), Point of Law thought it might be something more ominous and strategic on the part of the plantiffs:

I really wonder whether the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (or individual trial lawyers with large inventories of Vioxx cases) are buying off plaintiffs with weak cases so that Merck doesn’t have a pile of victories in the early going, something that has effectively shut down other pharmaceutical mass tort litigation that settled for nuisance sums.

I give you the Vioxx Multi-District Litigation Plantiffs’ Steering Committee. It is sad they’re proud enough to basically advertise their service on this committee.

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