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Tuesday, April 17th 2007

The Hypocrisy In Durham

From my first post to my long winded post at the “conclusion” of the Duke Lacrosse rape case, I’ve had the same message about how the system and the pundits were failing justice:

[T]he media coverage and pundits were clouding justice from the beginning of this investigation and case. Mr. Nifong, the Duke administration, a large chunk of the citizenry of Durham, a large chunk of the student body of Duke, and the local and the national media acted like fools! “Fools” is the least of titles we can give to the hundreds upon hundreds who actively pursued the downfall of these innocent young men.

Now ESPN columnists Gene Wojciechowski has posted an archive of quotes from the case, arranged chronologically. It is one of the best resources as evidence of the terrific mistakes made during this ordeal.

Meanwhile Newsweek will run a detailed account of “that night” and also try to spell out what life was like for Collin, Reade, David, and their families in next week’s edition. You can read it online beforehand.