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Tuesday, April 10th 2007

USC Football Is Incredible

I’m already looking forward to the college football season.

If you pay even the slightest attention to the sport you probably have a vague notion that no one has been better at recruiting over the past four or so years than USC. Over that time frame the gap between them, in terms of the high school football talent they’re bringing in, and the rest of the nation is alarming.

There are two major services which rate high school football players. Scouts and Rivals. They give the players ratings out of five stars. Pretty intuitive.

This was posted on one of the USC fan message boards:

USC has more incoming 5-star “blue chip” recruits than ALL the teams in 4 out of the 5 BCS Conferences

SC had 6.

Big-10 had 5 (Mich = 2, ILL = 2, Wisc. = 1)

Big-12 had 4 (Tex. = 2, Ok. = 1, Colo. = 1)

ACC had 5 (UNC = 2, VaTech, Miami and Maryland = 1 each)

Big East had 2 (Louisville and W. Va. = 1 each)

SEC had 12, with 11 of the 12 split between Florida (4), Tennessee (5) and LSU (2); So. Carolina had the other one.

That is incredible. Now to just see those guys on the field. Well, at least the NBA Playoffs are about to begin…