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Saturday, May 5th 2007

Just One Fatty Meal Is Bad?

Well, I’m in trouble. After eating (or not eating) a fatty breakfast from McDonald’s:

Two hours later, the participants completed several stress-inducing tasks while researchers measured their cardiovascular response, including blood pressure, heart rate, and resistance within blood vessels. The tasks were designed to provoke mental and/or physical stress, such as completing a public speaking exercise about something emotionally provocative or holding a hand in ice water.

The results showed that regardless of the task, the blood pressure response was greater among those who ate the high-fat meal than those who ate the low-fat one.

Researchers say it’s unclear how a single high-fat meal can sensitize the body to stress, but the results suggest a new way in which high-fat diets may contribute to heart disease.

So if you have serious CAD and you’re planning on stressing yourself…don’t eat another fatty meal before hand, cause you further increase your risk of an MI during that stress…I guess.

Here’s the abstract in the Journal of Nutrition. The full text is with subscription.