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Saturday, May 12th 2007

One Of Those Many Transition Points In Medical Education

I’ve been done with my basic science classes for a little over a week.

So Short A Time To Partake In This

It certainly was an incredible feeling. But short lived since I’ve started my study time for the biggest test of my life to date – the Step 1.

What, personally, I think is even more exciting however is I’ve finally got my third year rotation schedule. I admit, I didn’t have really strong preferences about what I was hoping to rotate through this year. I had some things I didn’t want (uh, sorry PM&R) but besides that I think I could be happy with just about anything. But it is still very exciting.

My school breaks the rotations up into six weeks, except for medicine and surgery which are twelve weeks each. Surgery gives you more the most choice. For the others your selection is mostly limited to what order you want to do your rotations in and where you hope to do them.

  • 1st Rotation: 8 weeks of Medicine (unknown service), 4 weeks of Neuro
  • 2nd Rotation: Family Medicine (at the county’s biggest public clinic)
  • 3rd Rotation: Pediatrics
  • Christmas Break
  • 4th Rotation: 8 weeks General Surgery (at county hospital; was hoping for trauma…don’t know how many gallbladders I can take), 2 weeks Cardiothoracic (at county hospital), 2 weeks Emergency Medicine (at county hospital)
  • 5th Rotation: Ob/Gyn
  • 6th Rotation: Psychiatry

And then…done with third year. Yeah, that shouldn’t be too hard or anything. *rolls eyes*