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Wednesday, May 16th 2007

Too Much New Jersey

Not only are they looking to require HIV testing of pregnant women and newborns (see last post), but they have a governor recovering from an automobile accident.

I’ve touched on Corzine’s accident before and it has been all over the medical blogosphere. But his recovery is worth an update.

[A]fter 11 days in intensive care, eight of them on a ventilator, and three operations on his leg, Mr. Corzine was released from the hospital on April 30 and resumed his official duties as governor six days later.

In their first extensive interviews, doctors and nurses who treated Mr. Corzine here attributed his amazingly fast recovery to his speedy arrival at a trauma center, his grit in overcoming severe pain to begin rehabilitation, and luck.

Mr. Corzine still is not out of the woods, Dr. Ostrum said. A possible complication is osteomyelitis, a serious bone infection. Also, rib fractures are generally painful for weeks.

“You can fix every bone in their pelvis and both their legs, and they will come back and complain about ribs every time they take a deep breath, every time they cough, every time they roll over in bed,” Dr. Ostrum said.

Mr. Corzine, who has pledged to educate others about wearing seat belts, has said he remembered getting into the helicopter but virtually nothing about the first eight days in intensive care.

Godspeed Governor Corzine