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Wednesday, May 16th 2007

Where Have All The Medical Bloggers Gone?

Kevin, MD documents the disappearance of several prominent medical bloggers from the sphere. Several of the authors were outed to superiors or others.

The forced closure of the aforementioned anonymous physician blogs certainly will not encourage more physicians to join the blogosphere.

Until the medical establishment can join the 21st century and accept that blogs are here to stay, growth of the medical blogosphere will be limited. It may take awhile.

He cites critical press coverage of physician blogs including in the Detroit Free Press and USA Today, as examples of the types of concerns which prompt physicians off the internet.

Patient privacy is a major deal, and rightly. But physicians have a long history of anonymizing patients in journal publications, and perhaps with more relevance, in non-fiction publications.

There must be a way to extend such to the blogosphere to everyone’s satisfaction.