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Friday, June 29th 2007

Dr. Anna Pou

Away from New Orleans the memory of Katrina seems like it is already starting to fade. So you’re excused if you don’t remember the story of Dr. Anna Pou and co. who were accused of killing patients at Memorial in N.O. in order that they could you know…get out themself.

Despite the Coroner’s findings it is just short of a year since Dr. Pou was arrested and charged. Now it looks like the D.A. down there is really looking to string the Otolaryngologist up. There is immunity for nurses originally charged with Dr. Pou,

Two nurses accused in the post-Katrina deaths of four patients at New Orleans’ Memorial Medical Center have been offered immunity to testify before a special grand jury, sources close to the investigation tell CNN.

Sources close to the investigation told CNN the two nurses are expected to testify before the grand jury in the next two weeks, which could signal a possible wrapping up of the case. It could also signal the main target of the investigation is Pou, a physician who was under contract with Memorial Medical Center when Katrina struck.

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, and I’m sure there’s been so chatter about this Grand Jury movement. Certainly Dr. Pou’s efforts have a strong internet presence. You can visit her defense fund page here.