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Saturday, June 16th 2007

Now You Know Who To Hit Up For A Living Donor Organ

Just a weird story from Kevin, MD wherein a patient doesn’t get a kidney because the unrelated donor might have been coerced into donation by a cult. Here’s the Toronto Globe & Mail story,

Kate and Nick Croft, Falkingham’s mother and stepfather, allege that the leader of the Jesus Christians, David McKay, coerces his followers into donating kidneys in an effort to garner media attention. The couple said they sent several e-mails to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto General, pleading with them not to go through with the transplant, arguing that their son was not acting under his own free will. A spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Health declined to comment, citing privacy concerns.

[The potential recipient] Sabloff summarily dismisses the Crofts’ brainwashing allegations. She said Falkingham was acting under his own free will and was only following his heart.

Here’s the Jesus Christians own webpage and the Wikipedia write up on the cult.