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Thursday, June 14th 2007

Step 1 Is Done…!

I’m done with USMLE Step 1! Maybe I should leave off the exclamation point. The entire ordeal has been kind’ve anticlimactic.

What?! No Fireworks?

It’s a giant relief to have that behind me and yet, disappointing that it is over. Mostly because the only things I can remember are the questions I had trouble with…so I sat there Wednesday after the test frustrated over things I could’ve done better.

It’s annoying when you get halfway to a question. For instance, the best case scenario would for me to have a memorized list in my head of vaccines contraindicated in HIV…but I don’t. Instead, trying to reason it out, I can call up the fact that MMR is a live attenuated vaccine. Seems a reasonable thing to figure not to give to someone facing immunocompromise.

Last night, as I did my after the fact research (with a beer in my hand) I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed. Of course, that question is just an example of many that are tugging at me.

Oh well, you only remember the iffy/tough questions. Not exactly a balanced way to estimate your performance.

Third year didactics are less than five days away. I plan to get back to regular posting before then.