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Thursday, July 26th 2007

Grand Jury Doesn't Indict Anna Pou

And a cheer goes up from the whole of medicine. Anna Pou, the New Orleans’ otolarynologist, accused of euthanizing patient’s in the midst of Hurrican Katrina will not be indicted.

A New Orleans surgeon accused of killing four patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will not face trial, a grand jury has decided.

This is after it looked like the prosecutor was targeting Dr. Pou by giving nurses, previously charged in the case immunity for their testimony.

[Two nurses] testified to the grand jury under legal guidelines that prevented their testimony from being used to incriminate them.

Lawyers for all three medical workers said they had worked heroically to treat patients instead of evacuating the hospital during the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina struck.

“[The grand jury] concluded that no crime had been committed,” New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan said after the decision was made.

“And that is the decision of our grand jury, and I think justice has been served after due process.”

This is all good news. You can visit Dr. Pou’s defense fund here.