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Wednesday, July 4th 2007


Goodness. A Texas liberal thinks Michael Moore’s Sicko brings people together.

As I sat down, right behind me entered an obligatory, cowboy hat wearing redneck in his 50s. He announced his presence by shouting across the theater in a thick Texas drawl to his already seated wife “you owe me fer seein this!”

Sicko started; the stereotypical Texas guy sat down behind me and never stopped talking. He talked through the entire movie… and I listened. The first ten to twenty minutes of the film he spent badmouthing Moore to his wife and snorting in disgust whenever MM went into one of his trademark monologues. But as the movie wore on his protestations became quieter, less enthusiastic. Somewhere along the way, maybe at the half way point, right before my ears, Sicko changed this man’s mind. By the forty-five minute mark, he, along with the rest of the audience were breaking into spontaneous applause. He stopped pooh-poohing the movie and started shouting out “hell yeah!” at the screen. It was as if the whole world had been flipped upside down. This is Texas, where people support the president and voting democratic is something only done by the terrorists. Michael Moore should be public enemy number one.

By the time the movie was over, public enemy number one had become George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy all rolled together.

In Response To The Film The American Healthcare System Advised The Dangerously Underweight Mr. Moore To Put On Some Pounds

I haven’t seen Sicko. But let’s be honest, I don’t really need to. It’s about as safe an assumptions as they come, that the movie can’t teach me anything about the debate over health care funding and access. It’s targeted to people who know nothing. I’ve heard any argument it can put forward, short of tugging at my heart strings with antecedal stories about people who lost the farm when the hospital bill came in. And you can gleam the argument of the movie from Moore’s own website:

1. Every resident of the United States must have free, universal health care for life.

2. All health insurance companies must be abolished

Moore’s push for a single payer system cannot be seen as anything but boundless naivete.

In Response Michael Moore Commented That Mitt Romney Looked Like A Baby, And Then Threatened To Eat Him

View Sicko’s official trailer.