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Sunday, August 5th 2007

I Be Bright

That About Sums It Up

What I’m about to tell you doesn’t get told to anyone else…ever. Just kidding.

The story begins with me on probably my third day of neurology. I get home around 4:00pm and decide to take a nap. I wake up some time later with just a hint of light creeping through my window. I roll over and it’s 7:30.

Holy moly, I’m late! I am up in a flash and I’m a little panicky. I get dressed, I get in my car, I drive up to the hospital. All the while I’m pondering how I’m going to pitch my humility and remorse to my resident.

I get up to the team room and no one is there, which isn’t a terrible surprise considering they’re probably out rounding. I page the other medical student on the service. No answer. I sit there drumming my fingers and then finally give their cell phone a call.

Are they on the 8th or 9th floor rounding right now? How about neither. They’re cooking dinner because it is 7:30 at night.

Everyone has those moments when they wake up and are confused about the time of day. I however managed to get up, get dressed, and get to the hospital all under the delusion it was 12 hours later than it really was. That is amazing. That is the height of stupidity.

Oh well. At least it is good for a chuckle.