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Tuesday, August 14th 2007

It's All About Risk v Reward

The New Jersey Star Ledger (via WSJ Health Blog) comments on the mail and email and calls Merck recieves asking them to put Vioxx back on the market. How does the ridiculous Consumer Union respond?

A skeptic from Consumers Union says: “A person’s conviction that something is helping them or that only one thing will help them is often erroneous. The impact may be exaggerated.”

Are you kidding me? Big Brother knows what is best?

Vioxx Helped A Lot Of People

The fact all the information wasn’t out there about Vioxx’s risk was a terrible shame. I don’t know what to believe in terms of whether there was some element of deliberate deception in that. But…when it comes to drugs, as long as:

1) There is some benefit from taking it
2) All the risks are out in the open

…then people and their physicians should be able to weigh the risk versus benefits for themselves. They shouldn’t have the FDA do it for them (yeah, yeah Vioxx was ‘withdrawn’ by Merck).

H/T Kevin, MD