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Monday, September 17th 2007

The Burden of HillaryCare…

Hillary Clinton has been pretty mum on specifics concerning the 2008 election’s biggest domestic issue – health care. Hard to blame her considering what happened the last time she put forward a comprehensive legislative health care agenda.

She is set to unveil her campaign’s health care proposal today however, and it looks like she’s staying away from the bureaucracy (at least a little bit),

Unlike her earlier attempt, Mrs. Clinton is not proposing a new government bureaucracy. Nor would her new plan strip people of their current health insurance — a fear that helped sink her 1993 and 1994 endeavor. Indeed, even the title of her new proposal — “the American Health Choices Plan” — underscored that this approach would aim to emphasize flexibility and options, and not government-directed coverage.

Under her plan, people could keep their existing coverage or pick new choices, such as an expanded version of the insurance available to federal employees or a new, Medicare-style public plan that would cost people less. Large businesses would be required to help pay for insurance for employees; small businesses and individuals would receive tax subsidies and credits to help purchase insurance.

Still unlikable from where I’m sitting…but nothing unexpected in that response from me.