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Saturday, October 20th 2007

France Closes Down Paths To Free Healthcare

Sure, His Country Is Being Paralyzed By Transport Strikes
But At Least Some People No Longer Have Access To Desperately Needed Health Care

Sarkozy is cutting back on the access to care for foreign expats who retire early to France.

In his drive to kick-start the French economy by creating a culture of hard work, Nicolas Sarkozy believes those who chose to retire early – under 65 – should not benefit from free health care.

As a result, thousands of Britons living across France were sent “brutal” letters last week from the department of social security informing them that they would no longer be welcomed as non-paying customers of France’s hugely efficient – and traditionally extremely generous – national health service.

The letter stated that, under a change of rules which is due to take effect on Sept 30, any foreign resident who had retired early would lose their right to free state health care.

All expatriates who have taken advantage of the rise in British property prices to take early retirement in France, where houses are much cheaper, will have to surrender their documents entitling them to state health care.

They will face potentially crippling private health care bills.