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Wednesday, October 17th 2007

Kevin Everett Taking Baby Steps

Did Not Look Nearly This Hopeful At The Time of The Accident

Kevin Everett is making progress. He is taking baby steps with a walker and lifting himself into a wheelchair.

As part of his progress, Everett has developed enough strength to hold himself up briefly on a walker, and he can also use his feet to push himself around in a wheelchair, The Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

“He’s making very solid and noticeable progress,” Eric Armstead, an associate of the player’s agent, Brian Overstreet, told AP. “He’s very excited.”

Armstead regularly visits Everett, who entered the second phase of his recovery process three weeks ago when he was transferred to Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital rehabilitation center.

Armstead said Everett is now able to open and close both hands, another significant step after he showed only slight movement in his fingers while spending the first two weeks of his recovery in Buffalo.

There’s still no timetable as to when Everett will be released from the hospital and continue his rehab as an outpatient. Everett currently spends about four to five hours a day in physical and occupational therapy sessions.

Watching some of my neuro patients go into inpatient physical therapy centers, I imagine PT is a pretty damn tough thing. Largely for the slow, immethodical progress for the effort you put in. Keep up the strong work Kevin. I hope we continue to see him make progress.