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Tuesday, December 18th 2007

SGR Cuts Postponed…Again

Breaking news: Per CQ Today, the Senate Finance Committee has reached an agreement to (once again) hold off on the 10% Medicare fee cuts due Janurary 1st.

Senate Finance Committee leaders have reached a deal to delay for six months a 10 percent cut to Medicare physician pay rates and extend funding for children’s health insurance, a Republican committee aide said Monday.

The legislation, being written now, would stop the Medicare cuts set to take effect Jan. 1, the aide said. Chairman Max Baucus , D-Mont., and ranking Republican Charles E. Grassley , R-Iowa, agree on the package with a few outstanding details to be resolved, according to the aide.

The Senate would take up the package as a standalone bill. “The idea is for the Senate to hotline it and then send to the House,” the Republican aide said.

I guess I should’ve seen that coming, but I had seriously wrote off them postponing the SGR cuts this year. This after we were so close with fixing the SGR once and for all with that first edition of the SCHIP expansion bill. But it looks like, as usual, physicians will get a six month reprieve.