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Monday, February 4th 2008

Down Goes The California Plan

I’ll have to post “analysis” later but the story is (albeit a little late getting to it) that the California ‘universal’ health care plan has died. At least for now.

In handing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger his biggest legislative setback, members of a Senate panel expressed concerns Monday that his plan to cover most Californians without health insurance was inadequately funded and would worsen the state budget crisis.

Democrats who voted against the bill cited a report released last week by the Legislative Analyst’s Office that concluded the plan could be underfunded by billions of dollars. They also expressed concern it would add to the state’s projected $14.5 billion deficit.

“You can say you’re going to cover 800,000 more children, but if there’s no money, you’re not going to do that and it’s cruel to raise such expectations,” Sen. Sheila Kuehl, the panel’s chairwoman, told reporters.

I still contend we’re going to see the state’s take the lead in increasing health care access before we see a major, successful national effort at such.