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Monday, March 24th 2008

First Full Face Transplant

This Frenchman Was The First Full Face Transplant Patient

The first full face transplant recipient has come froward a year after surgery.

“People in the street look at me very differently. They no longer stop and stare or shout cruel words.

“Instead I am accepted. I even dream of myself in my new face and now I would love to find a wife, settle down and have children.”

Multiple media websites are reporting this as Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (using either that name or the eponym Von Recklinghausen’s disease). While von Recklinghausen has some other disorders named after him and some MSM confusion might be expected, it appears from multiple news sources that this patient had NF1. A prominent feature of neurofibromatosis is multiple cutaneous tumors, but to get this big, start this early (at age 6), and to be “cured” by this face transplant seems unusual from my understanding.

Whatever the cause of the disfiguration, this is a remarkable result for the first patient to get his entire face replaced by a cadaveric donor.