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Sunday, March 30th 2008

International Experiences In The Basic Science Years

This Fundraiser Had A Very Cool African Drumming Group

I was at a fundraiser recently for a program to send several first years over to Ethiopia for 4-6 weeks. They had this interactive drumming group come in who are actually a lot of fun. And while I’ve been on some international mission trips, hearing the kids who did it last year talk it made me really wish I had gotten to do this in between my first and second year.

It is becoming a trend to get students far more involved in clinical experiences during their first two years. Indeed, my school may be a little slow to the party. But if you can find the funding for it, it seems very important to send first and second years on international experiences. Listening to the second years who had been last year, they were getting to operate with an incredible level of autonomy, see incredible things, in a small way help a lot of people. I’m sure all of them are better medical students and eventually better physicians, for their experience over there.

For the first years going this year, good luck and do some good over there guys.