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Sunday, March 23rd 2008

University of Texas Loses Its Chancellor

Mark Yudof was recently anointed as the new President of the University of California system. Mr. Yudof is heading to California after having served as Chancellor of the University of Texas system since 2002.

So someone new will come to head the none too shabby UT system.

There was speculation that current U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was the Governor’s immediate choice to fill the office of Chancellor, although I’m sure such would’ve been formalized with a “search.” The idea of Senator Hutchinson leaving public service to take the reigns of the UT system was a short lived one apparently. Her office is saying she isn’t interested.

Hutchison, who may run for governor in 2010, quickly stepped on the idea that she’d return to her alma mater. Her press secretary, Matt Mackowiak, said:

“Sen. Hutchison will not be a candidate for Chancellor; she is focused on serving Texas in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Hutchison believes Chancellor Yudof has done an oustanding job as Chancellor of the UT System and wishes him well.”

OK, she doesn’t want to be a candidate, but would she be interested in being coronated as chancellor? He said, no:

“Not interested. Period.”

The University of Texas system has had one physician hold the position of Chancellor in its history. Any chance we could hope for that again; I could only imagine such would be a good thing for the Health Science Centers.