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Wednesday, April 9th 2008

An Example of Human To Human H5N1 Transmission

A father catches the virus from his son in China. Such is what The Times is reporting, although I cannot find the case report in The Lancet Online which The Times cites. Yet. I suppose it might have a future publication date.

This is far from the first documented case of human to human transmission of bird flu, despite the Times’ health editor’s alarmist piece on the issue. There are cases of probable human to human transmission from at least 2005. I’m not sure what this specific case adds to the concern over easy human to human H5N1 transmission but it does come off another recent report of human to human transmission in Pakistan so I thought a brief bird flu update was in order.

Bright Red – Countries With Noted Avian H5N1 Infections
Dark Red – Countries With Noted Human H5N1 Infections