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Saturday, April 19th 2008

The Perfect Medical School

Prestige, Baby, Prestige

If I was creating a medical school from scratch there are some specific things I would incorporate. Many of these ideas exist at various medical schools here or across the world. Some of these ideas are wholly new. This is essentially just a random collection of thoughts and not exactly an outline of how to start a school (no duh). For obvious reasons these ideas ignore current accreditation standards.

This series was inspired by a lengthy conversation I participated in (admittedly over drinks) concerning the perfect medical school. It was a group discussion amongst second and third year medical students from schools all across the country. It obviously focuses largely on ‘undergraduate’ medical education, which should be the primary focus of any medical school (many medical schools lose sight of this).

1. Pre-requisites & Admissions
2. Basic Science Education
3. Clinical Education
4. Special Topics

If you have any ideas on the perfect medical school please leave them in the comments.