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Monday, April 7th 2008

Warning: This Post Might Get A Lil' Vulgar

This Can Be Dangerous To The User

Today an obstetrics patient came in a month out from being treated for chlamydia. In non-pregnant women you treat and let it slide but rip-roaring chlamydia in a pregnant woman can have some bad effects. Pregnant women with active chlamydia infections are more likely to go into pre-term labor and during delivery it ain’t so good for the little fella to be passing through an infected vaginal canal. Because of that we need to actually test for cure and that calls for a speculum exam.

I’m more than comfortable with pelvic exams now and as in the one I had done earlier in the day, everything went relatively smoothly in this one. I do what needs to be done, pull out and reach across myself to throw the disposable speculum into the biohazard can when a big honking glob of…well, I’ll spare you the details; it is enough to say something dripped off the speculum and onto my slacks. Something that might make you consider incinerating those pants rather than taking them to the dry cleaners.

There are much worse stories of pelvic exams out there, so I’m hoping this relatively tiny mishap will be enough to appease the Ob/Gyn gods. And it was kind’ve funny and my resident got a kick out of it.