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Wednesday, May 14th 2008

GodTube Makes My Head Explode

I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my personal savior. I can reconcile my faith with a host of scientific facts including evolution. But as we’ve seen, there are plenty of believers who apparently cannot.

It is distressing because it is difficult to view such individuals as anything but morons. The following is a video posted to GodTube, which is currently being (rightly) mocked on Reddit. You can use the terminology of evolution correctly all you want and create reasonably good looking CG models but it doesn’t make your points any more valid.

How Depressingly Off Base Can One Video Get?

The truth on radiometric dating is that it has been vouched for again and again. Virtually all dating strategies give relatively similar results. And the dismissal of macroevolution is similarly, fearfully inadequate.

Watch For Lightning When Making This Type of Mockery

Some people will tell you 2+2 = 5 and no amount of effort will convince them that their little closed definition is wrong. ‘Creationists’ have no place arguing the science of evolution. They’ve created their own rules, their own definitions which make debate or discussion impossible.

In the end you just gotta let some of them be. Sometimes it ain’t even worth taking a horse to water if you know it won’t drink.