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Sunday, May 18th 2008

Ted Kennedy Suffers A Seizure

Ted Kennedy Will No Doubt Entertain His Nurses

Ted Kennedy is 76 years old and apparently has suffered his first seizure. He’s at MGH recovering nicely from all reports. While we don’t know some of the specifics, new onset seizures at 76 don’t have a lot of differentials and this is somewhat odd. It may be that Kennedy didn’t suffer a ‘seizure’ in the traditional term at all. You’d want all the labs including the chem and CBC and TFTs and LFTs, a head scan, an EEG, an EKG.

In the differential (if it wasn’t caused by a metabolic disturbance) is a head bleed (i.e. an SAH), a tumor, an infection (i.e. meningitis), a viral encephalopathy. There are some others to consider yet new onset epilepsy (if this is actually his first seizure) is way, way down the list. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit, if this isn’t secondary to hypoglycemia or natremia or another metabolic disturbance, that the etiology of this seizure remains ‘idiopathic’.

In anycase, Godspeed to the Senator in his recovery.